Bachew is a buisness created by Khalid Ande and Abdul-rahman Abdul-salam.
This job is a job that needs milo to customize it.

It was in Al-hijrah College that they form this job for milo company to inherit it.This is the story,Khalid and Abdul-salam was thinking of a job to do by them selves,then they had one of their classmates saying the word Bachew. They like the name, but they didn't know what to use it for.In the night when Khalid was drawing he got hungry, he thouht and said,"if the name buisness is going to be Bachew,what can we use it for". He thought until he got an idea of ironing the milo,then smoothening,then rapping it,he went to tell Abdul-salam.So they wen't to try it, although they could only iron it, they still liked it.

Milo is a chocolate and malt powder which is mixed with hot or cold water and/or milk to produce a beverage popular in many parts of the world. Produced by Nestlé, Milo was originally developed by Thomas Mayne in Sydney, Australia in 1934.MILO was developed in the 1930s during the depression as a direct response to the fact that children were not receiving enough nutrients from their daily diet. Thomas Mayne, a Nestlé Engineer, created the nutritious and delicious beverage using local milk knowledge and Swiss cocoa expertise. He named the drink MILO after the Greek mythical character Milo (the famous Ancient Greek athlete Milo of Crotona), who was known for his strength. MILO was launched in 1934 at the Sydney Royal Easter show in an area used to showcase new products to the public. This coincided with the opening of a local production plant for MILO located in Smithtown, in rural NSW, where it is still produced today.
Milo is very popular in Malaysia and Singapore, where the brand name is synonymous with chocolate flavoured drinks: Milo has a 90% market share in Malaysia, and Malaysians were said to be the world’s largest consumers of Milo. This is because Milo was once used as a nutrient supplement when it was first introduced in the country, and has thus gained a reputation as a ‘must have’ drink for the old and the younger generations. Milo manufactured in Malaysia is made to dissolve well in hot water to produce a smooth hot chocolate drink, or with ice added for a cold drink. “Milo Vans” were often associated with sports days in these two countries, during which primary school pupils would queue up to collect their cups of Milo drinks using coupons.