Adeevah Abayahs

At Adeevah's Palace, we offer a wide selection of abayahs.They are perfect for formal events such as weddings or anniversaries or can be casually worn when you go out with your friends or even just for fun!

Our Abayahs

Navy Blue and Gilt Flare Abayah

This navy blue flare abayah with gilt accents is perfect to be worn at any formal event. Add that to the fact that it's perfectly comfortable and you've got yoursel a win-win situation

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Purchase: $107.00

Plain Black Abayah with Patterned Sleeves

This plain abayah is beautiful in its simplicity. Its patterned sleeves just add more to its aesthetism.Perfect for both casual and formal wear.

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Purchase: $85.00

Dusk Black Lace Flare Abayah

With its dusky colour and black lace accents, this flare abayah is just what you need to make you feel beautiful whatever the weather or event.

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Purchase: $150.00

Dusty Rose Abayah Jacket

This dusty rose abayah can double as both a garment and an accessory. It can be worn on its own or on top of an outfit as a jacket to give it that extra finishing touch.

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Purchase: $120.00

Peach Abayah with Black Bodice

This abayah is perfect to be worn at any event, with its beautifully well contrasting black and peach colour theme.

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Purchase: $94.00

Black and Gold Patterned Flare Abayah

This plain but lovely abayah is made even more lovely with its gold patterened accents. Perfect for those weekly lectures at the masjid.

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Purchase: $81.00

Plain Black Jilbayah

This lovely garment is a cross between a jilbaab and an abayah, with the looseness and modesty of a jilbaab and the oppurtunity to use a pashmina like an abayah.

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Purchase: $93.00

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